1901-1921 Morgan Dollars

The final portion of the Morgan Dollar series includes the years from 1901 to 1904, and then after a lengthy gap, 1921. Since the repeal of acts which required the United States government to purchase silver on the open market and strike silver dollars, the production of the denomination had wound down. There were literally millions of coins held in storage, which would be more than enough to satisfy demand from circulation.

From 1901 to 1904, production would take place at the Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco Mint. For each of these years, the San Francisco Mint issues are the scarcest and command premiums, particularly at the gem graded level.

The passage of the Pittman Act would lead to the resumption of production of the largest silver denomination. The Act required that up to 350 million existing silver dollars would be converted into bullion and sold, with the quantity to be replaced by production of newly minted silver dollars. With a slightly different design, the 1921 silver dollars were be struck in enormous quantities at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

Additional Information About 1901 to 1921 Morgan Dollars: