1891-1894 Morgan Dollars

The series of Morgan Silver Dollars saw production levels fall dramatically during the date range from 1891 to 1894. The higher production which took place early in the series was driven by the legal requirements for the United States government to purchase silver under two different Acts of Congress. Significant developments led to the repeal of the acts, removing the legal requirements. Since there were millions of silver dollars in storage, current production levels fell significantly.

The most famous key date of the series is the 1893-S Morgan Dollar, with a mintage of just 100,000. Importantly, no significant hoards of the date have ever appeared, keeping the coin scarce within the hands of collectors. A strong premium exists for the issue across all grade levels with an MS67 piece having sold for more than one million dollars.

In the following year, the 1894 Morgan Dollar struck at Philadelphia had a mintage of only 110,000 pieces. This was a dramatic change from the mintages in the tens of millions that had taken place at the facility in earlier years of the series. This low mintage issue also carries a premium across all grade levels.

Additional Information About the 1891 to 1894 Morgan Dollars: