1895-1900 Morgan Dollars

From the date range of 1895 to 1900, the Morgan Silver Dollar saw initially low production levels rebound to higher levels. During this time the coins were struck at the Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco Mint facilities.

In an unusual situation, the Philadelphia Mint did not strike silver dollars for circulation in 1895. However, they did strike the typical number of proof silver dollars for collectors. The low mintage of 880 pieces created high demand for this proof only issue, which commands a significant premium from dedicated collectors of the series.

During this time period, significant conditional rarities occur for the New Orleans issues including the 1894-O, 1895-O, 1896-O, and 1897-O. During these years mintage levels were not particularly low, but nearly all coins circulated heavily leaving few uncirculated examples. In particular, gem graded coins are scarce due to the impact of circulation as well as the generally poor luster and striking quality. Pristine examples of these dates drive significant premiums.

Additional Information About the 1895 to 1900 Morgan Dollars: